Bosco’s Biscuits are sold by the pound. They are 13.99 per pound FREE priority shipping. You may pick a variety flavors, or all one flavor of your pet’s favorite. Shop on line at

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  • Bacon & Cheese Men
  • Peanut Butter Bears
  • Lamb & Rice Patties
  • Chicken Liver Snaps
  • Turkey Trot Treats
  • Pretzel
  • Bison Moons
  • Breath Mint Bones
  • Big Beef Bones
  • Beef & Garlic Bones
  • Beef Stars
  • Beef Liver Snaps
  • Venison 
  • Oat Butterflies
  • Chicken & Rice Dinos
  • Carob & Oat Angels

Keep Bosco’s Biscuits fresh by storing them in a Dry, Cool Place. They may be kept in a treat jar as long as the moisture has dried out of them, or you may refrigerate or freeze them in any other container. Remember they are preservative free and bone-a-fide delicious!